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ISBN 9781777310530 

A story about a house witnessing all the things a family does, and expressing the joy it has being part of the family.  Not everything is perfect, however, the house  honours how the family deals with conflict and everyday life.  Our homes are part of the activities that occur within them, and they develop their own character.  This book is meant to capture that spirit.

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ISBN 9781777310554 

Socks keep going missing! The inquisitive Claire determines to find out why. Can she finally solve the age-old mystery?

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ISBN 9781777310547 

This collection is forty-seven poems written by a young girl living on the street, trying to make sense of life, love, and sometimes journeying into a fantasy land. While at the same time witnessing how people treat each other. She came to a realization, living on the street you are no longer seen as a person, you are treated as an object– a “squeegee kid”.

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Assertiveness Cover.jpg

ISBN 9781777310509 

Gain confidence, self-esteem, and learn to speak up for yourself in a respectful way! Assertiveness is a communication skill and practice that encourages respectful behaviours and benefits people by increasing their confidence and self-esteem. When people are confident and have healthy self-esteems, they are healthier people and experience healthier relationships. 

Now Available! New Release 2023

ISBN 9781777310578

Jeremy the Canada goose is going on his first flight south. On his way he struggles and worries if he can keep up with the flock. With help from a friend can Jeremy make it through the migration and learn to become a leader himself?

Upcoming Publications

The Cat is Sleeping on My Head!

Coming 2023

A story of a young boy named Gryphon whose cat continuously tries to sleep on his head. Although his mom keeps removing the cat, nothing seems to stop the cat from finding a way back into Gryphon's room. Read this funny story and see how Gryphon figures out what the cat really wants.

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