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Cheryl has six books published. Her first book, "Assertiveness: A Life Changing Communication Skill", was published in April 2021. Her first published children's book launched in November 2021, titled "I Love My Family". In April 2022, she launched a poetry book, "Poems From a Squeegee Kid", which details experiences of street youth, and contains a collection of 47 poems written when Cheryl was a squeegee kid living in Toronto. Then she brought three more children's books to life. In June 2022 "Sock Soup", an exciting story for children, solving the mystery of what happens to all the missing odd socks on laundry day; February 2023 "The Little Goose That Could"; and "The Cat Is Sleeping On My Head" launched in June 2023.

Two new titles are coming out in 2024. Stay tuned for launch dates!


From her author journey she learned how to publish books and founded Raspberry Press, a Canadian independent publishing company that supports authors of all genres in getting their books published.
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Cheryl Fountain is also an Emotional Wisdom Trainer and has earned a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from the University of Regina, Canada. Cheryl is a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner, is trained in Transpersonal Psychology, and has experienced more than 18 years as a professional business woman working with and within corporations. Her skills and experience support others in their journeys discovering their own unique potentials, and bringing more of their inner selves out and into the world. She also believes in spreading joy with unique concepts either through practical skills and story. She throughly believes in and encourages the love of reading, and believes everyone has a story and unique perspective that deserves to be out in the world.

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