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Classic Children’s Books –Why I Write Children’s books.

Hi there! I want to share why I write children’s books. The children’s book market is definitely a hard one to break into as there are so many out there. Plus there are the classics, such as works by Robert Munsch, Dr Seuss, and The Little Golden Book Series, that have been read to children for generations. I grew up learning to read, reading for fun, then reading to my daughter, and now reading to my son many of the classic children’s books, and newer children’s books –sometimes five or more a night! Reading to children is an experience of pure joy. I realize the value of this time spent with my children, and this time spent with any children. I remember learning to read out loud to a younger class when I was in grade three. I remember the kindergarteners staring up at the pictures while I read (upside down so they could see the pictures), and while I tried not to stumble on the words. They were immersed. I remember travelling in time, and being drawn into a fantasy world with the stories I read.

I write and publish children’s books to keep alive this time spent with our children, and to keep the tradition of giving their imaginations something to consider, without the stimulation of TV or video games. We are very focused on screens these days, and although some of my books will be published into e-books alongside print books, the main purpose of me writing is to share stories that will spark joy and imagination. As a Canadian author, I want my children’s books to become among the classics. In this spirt I am going to talk about some of the classic books I have read over and over and over again, and how my first published children’s book compare to these gems.

Good Night Moon-By Margaret Wise Brown

Good Night Moon is an early reader book that has lulled many a child to sleep. It rhymes, has a gentle rhythm, and when read softly is a magical aid for getting little ones to sleep. Children can look for things such as what are those kitties doing? And how about that mouse? While each scene shows the great green room, and softly goes over details of the critters and items of the room preparing for the night.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish- By Dr. Seuss

Another great one I find for putting children to sleep is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. It is also an early reader book, with repeating words, colourful pictures, and large font. There is an overarching story, “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere”. The book has details of smaller scenes throughout of what the funny things are doing. It too lulls the child to sleep if read in a calm tone, it has rhyming words as well, and the book ends with a time for bed stanza.

I Love My Family- Cheryl Fountain

I Love My Family is also an early reader book which can be read a bed time. Like Dr Seuss’s book, I Love My Family has large font and repeating words, and details a larger theme of a house witnessing what happens inside a loving family’s home by each page spread being smaller scenes of things a family does together. This book, like both the Dr. Seuss book ends with a time for bed scene, with a family tucking in one of their children. I love the last picture as it reminds me of Good Night Moon, with a big crescent moon showing through the window. I Love My Family is heartwarming similar to Good Night Moon, yet has its own character, just like the house does in the story.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. It is important to share the love of reading with children and other developing readers. Sharing a book is memorable quality time that adds so much value to our lives. Writing heartwarming and joyful books to help children and developing readers learn to read is a sincere pleasure. The bonus of some books being a magical way to help little ones drift off to sleep adds even more value, as the story and time shared with you will be the last thing they did in a day. What a wonderful way to set up the dreams they will have.

Sincerely and with love.

Cheryl Fountain

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